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Serving the cities of Yelm, Rainier, and surrounding unincorporated areas.
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"Where’s baby? Look before you lock." Prevent heatstroke deaths this summer!

Where’s baby? Look before you lock."The summer is heating up and NHTSA’s heatstroke prevention and awareness efforts are in full swing. This marks the fourth summer that NHTSA has spread awareness about the dangers of child heatstroke in hot cars, while urging parents and caregivers to think, “Where’s Baby? Look Before You Lock.” Since 1998, over 630 children in America have died from heatstroke. Over half, 53 percent to be exact, were forgotten in vehicles; 29 percent gained access by themselves and became trapped; and 17 percent were left intentionally by adults not fully aware of the dangers. Already, eight children this year and more than 30 children in 2014 lost their lives from heatstroke after adults left them in unattended vehicles."

Read the entire memo here.

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SETFA (Yelm & Rainier Fire Dept.) Respond to fast growing brush fire threatening residential structures. As you all know conditions are extremely hot and dry out there, making fields and underbrush instant fuel for a giant and dangerous problem: wild/brush fires. While we may be used to these wildfires on the east side of the state, we're... [read more...]
Kyla Peterson sits in SETFA's (Yelm & Rainier Fire Department) ladder truck. The sun was shining and the weather was HOT for Family Fun Day at the Park, July 18, 2015. S.E. Thurston Fire Authority (Yelm & Rainier Fire Department) showed off their fire trucks and interacted with the Yelm, WA community by... [read more...]
heat-involved-banner-thum The NHTSA just released a memo for July warning of the dangers of child heatstroke deaths. These deaths are 100 percent preventable. The danger is real and this summer is already warmer than usual. Read the full memo below. Click here to... [read more...]
Planning Fun Day at the Park Joyce Willms, SETFA (Yelm & Rainier Fire Department), helps plan Fun Day at the Park with local churches. Event is July 18,... [read more...]