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Water Safety


Along with warmer temperatures and longer days, water sports and swimming accompany the summer-time months. While these activities are fun and refreshing,  there are also many unfortunate unintentional drownings and injuries that occur. Keep your family safe by taking these precautions before getting into the water:

  • safe-swimmingLEARN TO SWIM
  • Supervise Children carefully
  • Swim only when a lifeguard is on duty
  • Do NOT swim under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Never swim alone
  • Do not swim during thunderstorms
  • Avoid diving headfirst
  • Refrain from horseplay in the water
  • User proper flotation devices

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Boat Safety

Boats are another fun way to enjoy the water. Before boating, make sure you know your local boating laws and regulations. Also, make sure to follow these safety tips:

  • Do not drink and boat.
  • Have a stocked first aid kit
  • Have approved PFD (Personal Floatations Devices) that comply with state and U.S Coast Guard laws
  • Have signaling devicessafe-boating
  • Have a fire extinguisher
  • make sure the boat’s anchor is operational
  • Have extra tow ropes and dock lines
  • Keep a marine VHF radio and cell phone

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