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Fire/EMS Tax

Fire Service Tax Information

Yelm Fire District 2, Fire District 4 (which includes the City of Rainier), & City of Yelm received approval from voters to combine the three districts into the S.E. Thurston Fire Authority on February 9, 2010. This authority can levy up to $1.50 per thousand for tax year 2011. For the 2014 tax year there is no increase to the levy rate over the previous year.

Medic One – EMS Levy Tax Information


(Emergency Medical Services (EMS) Tax is collected by Medic One , and is NOT a direct source of funding for S.E. Thurston Fire Authority)

How Do I Calculate My Individual EMS Levy Tax Amount?
You can estimate what your property taxes will be if you know the total assessed value of your property.

For example, if the assessed value of your property is $175,000 and the levy is $0.50 per thousand dollars of value:

$175,000 x .050% ($.50 per thousand) = $87.50 estimated tax annually

What Types of Properties Are Assessed?
All real and personal property is assessed in the State of Washington unless qualified for exemptions. Real property consists of land and buildings and personal property is machinery and equipment.